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Cartel Blue

Hemp, Inc.’s diversification also expands into the apparel industry with their hemp and natural fibre clothing ( launching Spring, 2014. Cartel Blue will manufacture hemp jeans and other eco-friendly clothing. The apparel line’s physical advantages are its hemp fibers due to its length, strength, durability, elasticity, and ability to withstand high temperatures without degeneration. It also has antimicrobial properties, as hemp is resistant to the growth of Aspergillus Niger… a fungus and one of the most common species of the genus Aspergillus. It causes a disease called black mold and is ubiquitous in soil, commonly reported from indoor environments. Furthermore, hemp can be grown without or very minimal herbicides and pesticides.

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(OTC: HEMP) Stock Symbol

Hemp, Inc. is a publicly traded company that is working diligently to expand its infrastructure while simultaneously investing in profitable, legal, and diversified ventures; bringing reward and value to its shareholders. The stock symbol is HEMP. Shares of Hemp Inc are traded “over the counter’ or “OTC”. These shares can be purchased through a broker whether brick and mortar or online. Your investment in (OTC:HEMP) allows Hemp Inc. to grow our company for today and for the future through diversified hemp, health, and technology based businesses.

The Industrial Hemp and Medical Marijuana Consulting Company, Inc

"The Industrial Hemp and Medical Marijuana Consulting Company, Inc." pulls industry information from a vast network of specialists that consists of other public industry, public companies' CEOs and networks of experts, bankers, investors, lawyers, other consultants, industry analysts, and non-profits connected to this industry as well as the traditional industry experts in all areas of the various business opportunities the industry presents. As the only CEO of two publicly traded companies in this sector, Perlowin, along with David Tobias (Hemp, Inc.'s President and the only executive officer of two publicly traded companies in this sector) have an unrivaled wealth of knowledge and experience. This culmination of knowledge and experience has even attracted the attention of banks, which want in on the billions of dollars flowing through the public company sector of this industry.

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Our Basic Hemp™ Protein gives you the best protein combination available and additional natural ingredients to further increase the effectiveness of the blend.

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ECO Harmony

Loyalty card marketing, with a state of the art, proprietary loyalty program is being built out over the long term. The Eco Harmony loyalty program that lets you earn rebates and support your charity, by using one card to shop at multiple merchant locations, both local and online, no matter how you choose to pay.

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Spin-off companies

Hemp, Inc. has developed an extremely diversified business plan since its inception, and as the company has grown, it has reached the point where the Company needs to narrow its focus. Many of Hemp, Inc.'s divisions have developed extremely promising products that no longer match the direction of the Company. Rather than closing these divisions and miss opportunity, the management has decided to spin-off these companies.  By separating these spin-offs from Hemp, Inc. it allows new professional management teams that are experts in their individual industries to take over while we focus more directly on the hemp market. The shareholders get the best of both worlds; this should free up Hemp, Inc. to grow more quickly, and the shareholders are given a percentage in four other companies.

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