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Industrial Hemp Oil Provides Medical Relief

Recently industrial hemp oil was in the news for being the unlikely solution to the epileptic health issues of a two month old baby. Already in her short life she had been subjected to countless tests and medicines, none of which provided relief to her endless daily seizures. Amylea’s story is told in detail in […]

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How Industrial Hemp Celebrates 4-20

How do Industrial Hemp and the folks at Hemp, Inc. celebrate 420? The truth is, we try to separate ourselves from the idea that hemp and marijuana are connected, because they aren’t. But today is a recognized holiday for many and so we thought we’d shared what we are busy doing today: Showering with natural […]

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Hemp Fibers vs. Cotton Fibers

  We have grown up hearing that cotton is the all American fabric, the fabric of our lives, yet hemp fibers are actually better. Are those fightin’ words? Perhaps, but let’s examine the facts. Plants Producing Hemp Fibers Plants Producing Cotton Fibers Hemp plants require less water to grow, thrive and produce.   Cotton can […]

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