Hemp, Inc.’s Decortication Plant Blueprints

We want to keep our shareholders informed on every step of our progress with the decortication plant in Spring Hill, N. Carolina. So below we are sharing the blueprints to give you an idea of the size of the decortication machinery and our space. The hemp decortication plant will be able to expand as we grow over time. Inititially we will be rebuilding the decortication plant and get it ready for processing. But in the future we intend of installing other components of manufacturing hemp.

We have hired experts who have worked with these types of decortication plants before and there will also be someone coming from the main company Temafa in Germany. Originally the decortication plant was processing kenaf, which we plan of using once the plant is operational.

We anticipate being able to move quickly, but as with all large projects there are always the unexpected. We are fortunate to have a qualified team with experience. Hemp Inc. is striving to be the leader in the industrial hemp industry.

The first blueprint shows you how big the entire production line is. It has extensive wiring to connect also.

decortication plant, hemp decortication

The second blueprint shows you how big our decortication plant warehouse will be. As you can see there is a lot of space.



Stay tuned for Hemp Inc.’s updates on the decortication plant in Spring Hill, N. Carolina.