Our New Greenhouse!

The first of 4 greenhouses for high CBD hemp clones on the 500 acre “Veteran Village Kins Community” in Arizona.

Hemp Fibers Revolutionize the Building Industry

Let’s face it… the materials we currently use for building and manufacturing won’t be around forever. Our continued demand for oil, concrete and paper will require us to find alternative solutions. Enter the hemp plant. Hemp seeds and hemp fibers can be used to create over 50,000 different products. For the building industry, hemp fibers […]

Rhode Island House and Senate Pass Industrial Hemp Bill

LAS VEGAS, NV–(Marketwired – Jun 22, 2016) –  As hemp legalization continues to make major inroads in the industrial hemp industry across America, Hemp, Inc. (OTC PINK: HEMP) is pleased to report that Rhode Island’s legislature has passed a bill to “legalize the production and processing of industrial hemp for commercial purposes in the state.” According […]

Hemp Inc. (OTCMKTS:HEMP) Announcement

We understand your concern over the recent news about Bruce Perlowin and Hemp Inc. Our legal counsel, which represents Hemp Inc. and CEO, Bruce Perlowin, has instructed us not to comment on any pending litigation.

Industrial Hemp is Retooling the Auto Industry

Leaders in the auto industry, as far back as Henry Ford, have understood the value industrial hemp has to car manufacturing, construction materials and paper products. “Why use up the forests, which were centuries in the making, and the mines which required ages to lay down if we can get the equivalent of forest and […]

The Hemp Seeds Conspiracy – Shining A Light on Hypocrisy

  Believe it or not, industrial hemp seeds – a non-toxic, non-hallucinogen, are ILLEGAL to transport across state lines. Why? Because it might grow plants that provide 30,000 products to benefit American citizens? Why? Because it might create jobs which in turn improve our economy? Why? Because it might help heal our soil and green-up the oil industry? Heaven […]

Veterans-Village Kins Communities to Grow Hemp

Hemp, Inc. is in the planning stages developing 500 acre Veteran-Village “Kins” Communities that will grow hemp and produce CBDs. These Communities will each grow 160 acres of hemp. The communities (eco-villages) consist of 2 ½ acre Kins Domains. Each 2 ½ acre section is designed to be self sustainable, with 1 acre allocated to […]

Legalize Industrial Hemp: National Hemp Association Needs 1 Million Signatures

As a country we need to legalize industrial hemp. July 4, 2016 is fast approaching. National Hemp Association is calling for one million signatures from US citizens to help make growing industrial hemp legal nationwide. It is super easy. Step One: Get to a computer and type in or just click the link! Step […]

How Long Does it Take to Build an Industrial Hemp Fiber Processing Plant?

If you are staying up to date with the hemp industry in America, you probably know that Hemp, Inc. is in the last stages of reassembling the Temafa decortication plant in the 70,000 sq. foot warehouse of Industrial Hemp Manufacturing LLC, located in Spring Hope, North Carolina. When up and running at full capacity, the […]

7th Annual Hemp History Week is Here!

If you are new to the hemp awareness movement, you may be interested to know that Hemp History Week is fast approaching. June 6-12, 2016 will be the seventh year running that hemp enthusiasts from around the country have gathered to share information and celebrate the benefits of one of the most important crops; industrial […]

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